1stomni party

here you can find all info how to get to the place of my "farewell party"


It's easy. You can come any time after lunch on 25th September, however we think that bbq starts about  5 o'clock.


Yes, so this is not so easy for most of you, but simply:

address: Hořovice, street Na Kopečku, number is still not present.

I know it helps you very much :-) so another way ...
probably you will get there by train or by car.


You take train from Prague (Smichovske Nadrazi or Main Station) to the station Horovice, than you call me (I think all of you have my number), and I'll come for you and take you right to the place.
Here's the train schedule


You take D5 higway and take off at exit 34 : Zebrak, Horovice
Then you turn to the right and you will follow the main road to Horovice ... it's about 4 km. When you arrive to the town, follow still main road, till you get to the light cross (cross with lights - I mean semaphore). Here cross the bridge and imediatelly after bridge turn to the right and then to left. You will go to the steep up-grade. When you will be up ( you will have a bigger yellow House on left) you will be at a bit stupid cross-roads and take the street which continues to the up-grade (a bit right straight on :-), simply still up. Now go as long as you can straight on and when you reach the end of the street turn to the right. Now you are really close :-). Go about 150 m straight on and turn to the left .. just a not a good dust road. Follow it to the left and after 80 m you will see some new houses on the left. Find that one with red roof and scaffold around. Probably you will see white Skoda Favorit and Black Skoda Octavia Combi near that house. Done :-) map


It's not any problem to stay and sleep in our house. Just please let me know and take a sleeping bag with you (also "karimatka" welcomed) ... you know, so many beds we still don't have :-)
For those who knows saturnin and have heard my hunting story: face mask also welcomed :-) (just a joke, I was succesfull)